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Yogic Science for Addictive Behavior

SuperHealth as taught by Yogi Bhajan is a specialized technology designed to  counteract the effects of addictive behaviors. 

We are living in a very stressful period of time, and many of us turn to external sources such as food, alcohol, smoking, gambling and drugs as a way to numb the uncomfortable pressures we feel.  SuperHealth offers a holistic approach to counteract the effects we feel physically, mentally and spiritually.  Utilizing simple, effective modalities such as Kundalini Yoga, breathing techniques, meditation and relaxation enable us to refresh and renew the systems in our bodies.  This yogic technology rebuilds the glandular system, changes the chemistry of the blood, regulates food metabolism and rekindles the spiritual essence of life. 

By doing the work, students learn to tap their inner strength and access the purity that is within each and every one of us.

Currently, this program is being offered at Cayuga Addiction Recovery Services (CARS) in Trumansburg.